Landlord Advantage 

Open Door Property Management can be thought of as One Stop Shopping. Not only are we property managers, but we are licensed Realtors. We can assist you in finding additional investment properties to increase the size of your portfolio and we can assist you when the time comes to liquidate, or we can work with your Realtor to make the process easier. We can help you keep your properties current. We can provide first-hand information as to the current market place and demand for properties like yours.

Landlord Services 

At Open Door Property Management we provide you with peace of mind. We take away the stress of managing your (investment) properties. Whether you live across town or across the country, we provide you with the knowledge that your property is being well managed on your behalf.

Open Door Property Management will advertise and search for the best tenant possible for your property. We will check references and provide credit checks to insure the tenant meets our criteria for a suitable match to your property.  

We don’t just place a tenant in your property, we inspect the property with the tenant before they move in. We continue to monitor your property and how the tenant is caring for your investment. We make quarterly inspections of each property we manage. It is easier to catch a problem early on in a tenancy. If there are issues, they are dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

(On becoming a client) We will provide you with a report to let you know the condition of your property. We will make any recommendations we feel are needed to protect your investment. Canada Mortgage and Housing suggests that homeowner’s budget to spend 1% of their property’s value on improvements each year. At Open Door Property Management we believe you should pay close attention to the condition of your property. It is our belief that staying on top of upgrades and improvement will help to keep your investment safe.  Keeping the property in tip top shape helps attract and keep better quality tenants.

Open Door Property Management can provide owners with specialized services. Whether you need major capital improvements or just to spruce up your property, we can arrange for this work to be completed. We can over see each project so you don’t have to take time from your busy schedule.

At year end, we will provide you with financial statements to assist you and your accountant with the documentation you require for yearly tax filing.